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Miss Mayples Afternoon Tea Time

The story opens several years after a devastating war, where incredibly strong 'mechanical dolls' slaughtered many, many people. These robot weapons, which look exactly like humans, are still feared and hated. During a storm, Craw finds one of these 'dolls.' She is nothing like the weapon he would expect, but is instead gentle, cheerful, and very eager to be of use to the people around her. She claims her name is Mayple, and she seems to be programmed as a maid and cook.

Soon, Craw has set up a cafe for Mayple to run, where she can cook sweets and tea for everyone in town. It's going to be a rough road ahead of her, as many townspeople hate her on principle and will not shrink from violence against her. But maybe Mayple, who always keeps a sunny attitude, will be able to find a way through the prejudice and make a place for herself in the post-war world. [tethysdust]

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Seinen
Authors: Aoi, Kuuta (Story & Art)

And now for something completely different!!

Ms Mayples Afternoon Teatime was a really nice read! Sure, it touches on issues of acceptance, fear of the unknown, and dystopic futures, but it was delightful. The main protagonists - Mayple and Craw-san are really likeable characters. Mayple, as the robot who doesn't really have human emotions but kind of does, is done well. Craw-san is just a nice guy!!

I think what I like about this is that there is no attempt to make it a romance. And it could have been - Mayple wears her maids outfit, looks cute, dresses up other robot dolls. But it isn't about that - it is about family and acceptance. I could see the need for the story with the military - but it felt kinda like it didn't fit in with the rest. It didn't detract, and it was over and done with in a flash, which may have been part of the problem. It was there to move the story to its completion, but it didn't really add anything to the overall story.

Despite that, I really enjoyed it!!
Tags: aoi kuuta, drama, manga, ms mayples afternoon tea time, review, sci-fi, seinen
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