Vice Captain of the Universe (sweeny_todd) wrote in manga_chat,
Vice Captain of the Universe

so, I have been on a BL manga binge recently. And I have been enjoying it. The interactions (often) go where I want het ones too. But for some reason it is less... acceptable? what I want. ie the "bullying" of female characters is frowned on much more.

I can understand it! I mean, I would hate it, and given that sexual harrassment is still a major issue, having it as a common story line probably isn't great either. So, it is more ok when it is between two men. (note I don't condone any of this in real life, but fantasy is fantasy).

It is also interesting how even "weak" male characters still have more backbone than weak female characters. I don't want to read about a complete pushover! Another thing I find interesting is the penetrative aspect. The dominant partner is not neccesarily the one who does the penetrating. Most often yes, but certainly not always.

anyway! these are my first thoughts on my initial foray into the bl genre
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