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Vice Captain of the Universe

The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko

Can I just direct anyone who likes funny, gentle, romantic stories to this one Right Now??!

This was a surprise find for me - had never heard of it before, the cover art was... ok... but you know me, willing to give anything a go. And this? One word: Hilarious. This is really, really funny.

It is a slice of life about our heroine - Kanako. She is a transfer student, so nearly every story arc in this 3 volume series sees Kanako at a new school. The first story arc is my favourite: it introduces recurring characters (who pop up at new schools, invite her to things, and are in fact, her "friends".)

Kanako is a truly brilliant character - she is funny. she has no need to take the lime light. Her role, as she sees it, is to be the "observer". And observe she does. But! She is strong willed, she is confident, she is a truly appealing character!

I guess with such an episodic story line, there isn't much to "give away" so to speak... but! give it a go! The first two volumes are available through the now defunct Tokyo Pop (I bought mine on and I *hopehopehopehopehope* the third one gets published, and the sequel gets published too. What? A sequel? Worth a read too... and a review for a later date.
Tags: comedy, manga, romance, secret notes of lady kanoko, shoujo
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