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Tiger and Bunny

I wasn't going to watch this show. Nothing about the preview appealed to me in the slightest. Over the top action heros? Fighting in suits? Boring.

The funny thing is, that statement is absolutey correct, and absolutely false. Yes! it is over the top action heros fighting in suits. But it isn't boring in the slightest. From the first episode I was hooked. And the reason --> Kotetsu - Wild Tiger, the main character of the show.

Kotetsu is thick, honest, well meaning, and one of the most endearing characters I have come across in recent times! From the start, you find yourself totally on his side. As others have mentioned, it is wonderful having a character who is not child/teenaged. Kotetsu is in his 30s, a dad to a 9 year old, has a kind of sensible head on his shoulders, and a penchant for destroying buildings.

The other superhaeros (which the exception of Bunny) play much smaller roles, but are still given their own story arcs. And, these were enjoyable too! I have noticed in some other shows where minor characters get their moment to shine the story is weaker, but these still ran along at a cracking pace, progressed the main story AND gave the viewer insight into the smaller ones.

And you know what? We were up to about episode.. 8? and on the second viewing I had to watch it all. I HAD TO! I needed to know what happened, how Tiger and Bunny's relationship developed. I wanted to know what happened with the daughter. Would Tiger realise who was in love with him? Would Bunny find out who killed his parents? Sky High was in Love! would that succeed, and did it fit in with the broader story line. All this and more I needed to know. So I watched until the end.

An unusually for me - I loved the end. I absolutely loved it! It has set it up perfectly for a second season (which I would welcome with open arms) but the if there wasn't one, I would be perfectly happy with it as is. Having said that, there are plenty of plot points I would like to see resolved, and a second season would do this wonderfully.

So, to summarise: charming characters, cracking pace, loads of humour, and lots of fun. I definitely reccomend Tiger and Bunny
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