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Vice Captain of the Universe

I went on holiday, and so didn't get to read anything while I was away. Since then I have read to my little hearts content. But there are some things I just had to check out when I returned

1) Getbackers - WE ARE SO NEAR THE END!!!!! I am liking what is happening, and I am looking forward to someone taking over Tokyopop's license to finish it

2) Kaich wa Maid-sama - I osscilate on this one. At the start it was something special - shoujou, but with a fairly strong female lead, who didn't spend her time basjing everyone up (the ultra violent female characters in romance type ones drive me nuts). but! I feel like the story is starting to progress, which makes me happy. I admit, that this is one of the series that does not benefit from reading one chapter a week

3) Kuroko no Basket - I got hooked on this before I left. I don't know whyyyyy. There is something about sport manga that just really, really appeals to me. Crimson Hero I constantly check out too.

4) Bleach - Finally! some movement in a positive direction! I don't know why I haven't given Bleach up yet, as there are Very Very extended periods where nothing seems to happen.

5) Natsume - <3 what can I say?? this is one of the first animes I caught up with too.

so! if you were going away and came back, what would you have to check out?
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