Vice Captain of the Universe (sweeny_todd) wrote in manga_chat,
Vice Captain of the Universe

Kuroko no Basket

I have a weird fascination with sporting manga. It is like... nothing happens in them and yet I get sucked in. . In the Tokyo region, there was the Miracle of Generations - five middle school boys who were genius players. On this team there was one other - a shadow player named Kuroko.

It is so hard to descibe a sport manga in an appealing way - I mean, they play basketball! they compete, they lose, they win! the ups and downs and emotionalness of it all! But last night? I downloaded the first 9 volumes and I Read Them All. The main character - Kuroko - is low key, team orientated, and just a really cool guy! His hotted friend from the US, who he chooses to be the shadow in the light - is the perfect foil. And it isn't *just* about these two and the Miracle of Generations boys - we meet all the boys on the teams! The coaches, the everything.

This is a fairly action packed, fast paced sport manga. I have to reccommend it!
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