Vice Captain of the Universe (sweeny_todd) wrote in manga_chat,
Vice Captain of the Universe

King of Thorn

How is this for a change of pace? King of thorn is a seinen, action, pscyhological, moneter type. I bought the first one because Madman had their stocktake sale, and to be honest? Nothing happened in the first volume. . They get chased, and a few of them murdered (lots of people die in the this one) and the monsters are all kinda gross looking.

There is a lot of misdirection and "who can you trust?" "Who should you trust type scenarios. It *does* get better (in terms of story line development) across the next 5 volumes, and I am glad that I read it. Even if the main instigator was totally weird, and I kinda don't understand some of the motivations. Also, it just ends. Which, for this story works well enough. But it does just end.

I do really like the two main protagonists. We see many of the characters grow and change (even Marco, although is development is in all of about 3 chapters). If you are in the mood for something with lots of action, lots of monsters, and lots of blood, then this may be the one for you. I am glad I read it, but I can't see myself really re-reading it.
Tags: action, adventure, horror, king of thorn, manga, mystery, romance, sci-fi, seinen, tragedy
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