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Love in the Mask

Prolific manwa artist Han Yu-rang brings us Love in the Mask. . It is the story of a street brat, given the name Hyun-bin, who is forced to conceal her identity and live as a man. Her life is at the whim of her boss, and she is the male bodyguard of the (super annoying, spoilt, annoying) granddaughter of the house, Yun Yaeha. The story follows the twists and turns of the scheming grandfather, but is ultimately the love story of Hyun-Bin and Ya-Ha <-- a boy who is the current jjang, and whose former love looks exactly like Yaeha.

This is a story steeped in tragedy, blood and violence. Although the images don't tend to be overly graphic, the story becomes more and more entrenched in the gangster world and the Grandfathers former colleague trying to terrorise, torture and kill of Hyun-Bin in the mistaken belief that she is the grandson.

The start of this manwa is promising - the developing relationships between Hyun-Bin and Yun-ha in particular, but also her relationships with Ji-Ho (school friend) and Birak (another gangster) are quite lovely. I am in the midst of volume 27 at the moment, and it is dragging. She loves hi, she won't go near him, she has to stay as a man until 25 etc etc etc. Part of the problem is the slow releases (this is no comment on the scalators. When you have a boring volume you can get through it in half an hour? an hour? but when releases are once a week or slower, it takes over a month!), but part of the problem is the repetition of the relationship. I understand it needs to be like that.. at least I kinda do, but at the same time Just Get Together Dammit.


anyway, it is a strong cast of characters, the beginning is great, and I will stay off judgement until the end. I *do* want to know what happens, and that is the sign of a good story.

edit: I read the end. And I was pissed off. The last 5 or 6 volumes draaaaaged. A good edit (so say, 25 volumes rather than 36) would have made this a lot tighter. There is still a lot I enjoyed about it, but it suffered from what most long series suffer from - length that doesn't move the story along.
Tags: action, comedy, drama, gender bender, love in the mask, manga, manhwa, martial arts, mystery, psychological, romance, school life, shoujo, tragedy
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